Beautiful romantic,sad,funny or lively love-songs

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  1. Juci102

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    mad world
  2. Tibor55

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    Modern Talking - You're My Heart You're My Soul
    It is the best romantic ballad ever.
  3. icognito

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  4. gomag

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  5. gomag

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    Barbara Streisand - Wmen in love
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  7. Atlas88

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    FLOUFUN Állandó Tag

    Enjoy the silence
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  9. gefster

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    Two important songs for me are Power of Love by Jennifer Rush and Everything I Do (I Do it for You) by Bryan Adams. The first dates back from when I was 18 and my future wife chose it as our song. The second was the track we were married to.
  10. editke2004

    editke2004 Állandó Tag

    This is only just one of the most beautiful sad love song James Blunt: Goodby my lover

    I have no story for it, but I have never heard such a talented singer and such a heartfelt performance. Look James's honest face
  11. M. Dénes

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  12. juozasu

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    Bon Jovi has some good love songs. I.e. "A little runnaway".
  13. Brigus1206

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    Taylor Swift - Back to december
  14. Brigus1206

    Brigus1206 Állandó Tag

    "Endless Love" Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
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  15. Albert67

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    This is my favourite love song.
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  16. Raktajino

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    I agree , Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" is one of the greatest songs ever !
  17. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    Some of the most lively songs were done by "Huey Lewis and the News", check out their Greatest Hits. It will put a smile on you face.
  18. Raktajino

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    From 1978 "Bluer Than Blue" by Micheal Johnson. Incredible song about loneliness and missing the lover after they've left.
  19. Hata Mari

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