Halo wars osszerakhato jatek

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    Halo wars osszerakhato jatek
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    Jatek Gausshog-Locust-Set-Box.jpg

    Gausshog vs. Covenant Locus

    • Officially licensed by: Halo Mega Bloks
    • Made by: Mega Brands
    • Set #96823

    Product Detail Summary: Features include:

    • Build the conflict between the UNSC and the Covenant
    • Contains 480 pieces in total
    • Buildable rapid anti-vehicle quad UNSC Gausshog
    • Buildable long-range energy weapon platform Covenant Locust
    • UNSC Gausshog includes M68 Gauss Cannon and 2 Green Marine mini action figures with appropriate weaponry

      Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Wars UNSC Gausshog vs. Covenant Locust playset by Mega Bloks! Build and recreate epic battle scenes between the UNSC and the Covenant with this authentic buildable playset! The Gausshog is a 4x4 quad equipped for scouting and eliminating Covenant vehicles. The high-velocity M68 Gauss Cannon mounted on the rear can render enemy vehicles like the Locust utterly useless with just a few shots. But at long range the Locust always wins. Capable of extremely long-range yet pinpoint accurate strikes from its devastating Plasma Cannon, the Locust is perfect for bringing down UNSC artillery and structures. Can the Gausshog get into range before The Locust takes it out? You decide!