hello! I'm lala!!

legalien témája a 'In English...' fórumban , 2007 December 5.

  1. legalien

    legalien Állandó Tag

    who are you?
  2. sunyi85

    sunyi85 Állandó Tag

    Hy, I'm Sanyi

    Where are you from?
  3. legalien

    legalien Állandó Tag

    Hi!! I'm from Argentina, and you?:)
  4. angyalkám

    angyalkám Állandó Tag

    Hi!! I'm from Hungay and Szeged! Kiss kiss Zsofi
  5. talpacska

    talpacska Állandó Tag


    Terrible bad!:p
  6. legalien

    legalien Állandó Tag

    hi Zsofi ! :pHow are you!
    How is the day in your city today?
    Here in Buenos Aires is a sunny day!
  7. manó86

    manó86 Állandó Tag

    Hi Lala! My name is Kate. I'm from Hungary. I'm learn English. I'd like to speak to you. Ok?
  8. underworld

    underworld Állandó Tag

    Hi Lala. How are you. I'm Sylvia and i'm from Slovakia.

    FLAMINGO moderátor Fórumvezető Kormányos

    Dear manó86,
    You learn or you are learning (however the rules don't enable grammatical or any language corrections:D)
  10. gemva

    gemva Állandó Tag

    Hi I am Eva from Budapest!
  11. l4c3k

    l4c3k Állandó Tag

    hello my name is laszlo,from hungary,budapest;)
  12. piggie

    piggie Állandó Tag

    hi, guys
    i'm Ted from Hungary
    and i'm totally freaked out by this 20-posts rule.
    i can't see any pictures in the forum posts...
    too bad
  13. and_rea

    and_rea Állandó Tag

  14. Insulin

    Insulin Állandó Tag

    Hello, I'm "Insulin" from Hungary.
    My target is 20posts.
  15. eribaba

    eribaba Állandó Tag

    Lala went on...
  16. slige

    slige Állandó Tag

    hi, i'm Michelle and I'm from Australia. I only speak English but am happy to help anyone to learn if I can.
  17. agata_2000

    agata_2000 Állandó Tag

    I also joined the club of 20-post-senders :)
  18. darkquail

    darkquail Új tag

    hi, i am Ray and i'm from Germany
  19. Hexe54

    Hexe54 Kitiltott (BANned)

    aha....? meghekk??
  20. Tskmrkt

    Tskmrkt Állandó Tag