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FLAMINGO témája a 'Computer-világ' fórumban , 2013 Március 4.

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    [QUOTE = "FLAMINGO, post: 4816530, member: 182 078"] Sorry, I'm starting to cross his eyes in the elderly, and even the no.
    I assume there is a rajzmintád.
    If you're not in electronic format, the easiest way is to lefotózod your phone. Or, if you have a scanner, you scan. in the latter case you can choose the menu of almost every scanning program to save a PDF file.
    If you have it in electronic format (jpg, gif or picture similar extension), then typing into Google, you'll get that pdf to jpeg (or click this blue) and a bunch of hits.
    Right from the beginning:
    This is true in English, but easy to handle.
    4 to set it in the beginning

    • Margin / Margin - small / small or big / large
      page / sheet - portrait / portrait or landscape / landscape
      page size / page size - in the A4 should be selected and
      the image size / image size - original / erededi or fit / sheet stretched
    If this is done, you can click the select button to upload a jpg gépedrő, then you can convert button to convert. [/ QUOTE]

    0r you can use this online tool it will work just fine :)
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    Nagyon hasznos volt nekem ez a fórum, nagyon sokat tanultam