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A Saskatooni fiatalok az egyetemen kivul a Prarie Plants cegre a legbuszkebbek.

"Contract - In December 2000, Prairie Plant Systems Inc. of Saskatoon awarded a five-year, $5.75-million contract to grow marijuana for Health Canada in an abandoned mine section in Flin Flon, Man. The Trout Lake mine, owned by Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., is still active, producing zinc and copper.

Source - Prairie Plant Systems originally to obtain quality seeds from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Bethesda, Md. Delays forced them instead to use more than 10,000 seeds seized by various police forces across Canada. Only a third produced plants.

First crop - First crop of 74 kilograms delivered December 2001 had 185 varieties, with broad range of quality. Two best strains later picked for their hardiness and potency. Another strain held in reserve.

Second crop - Second crop of 244 kilograms delivered in December 2002, based on planted cuttings from the two best strains to ensure genetic consistency. Crop fell short of the 370 kilograms required by the contract.

Tests - Laboratory tests show one strain contains 20 to 25 per cent THC, the most active ingredient, while the other has 13 to 18 per cent. But the more potent strain is anemic and may be abandoned. There is a seasonal variation in the THC content, even though the crop is produced far underground.

Processing and storage - Dried crop stored at Flin Flon to be bagged in 30-gram foil packs and labelled as necessary. No plans at present to produce rolled marijuana cigarettes.

Current trials - The Community Research Initiative of Toronto is testing the effect of marijuana on the appetites of AIDS patients. A group at McGill University in Montreal is testing the effects of smoked marijuana on neuropathic pain. Health Canada provides funding but not the marijuana, which currently comes from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Future trials - Health Canada is awaiting approval of proposed research projects before distributing its own marijuana.
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