Mixed-up driver closes busy border crossing


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Mixed-up driver closes busy border crossing

Canadian Press

Surrey, B.C. — A lost American with a grenade in her glove box closed one of the busiest U.S.-Canada border crossings for almost an hour Monday.

Police say a woman arrived at the Peace Arch crossing near Blaine, Wash., south of Vancouver, thinking she was headed for Vancouver, Wash.

When Canada Customs officials searched her vehicle they found a hand grenade in the glove compartment.

The border was closed for almost an hour while an RCMP explosives-disposal unit gingerly removed the weapon.

RCMP spokesman Constable Tim Shields said the 28-year-old woman was following signs to drive to Vancouver, Wash., which is across the Columbia River from Oregon.

She inadvertently followed signs to Vancouver, B.C., which led her north to the border, about 400 kilometres in the wrong direction.

"A Canadian customs inspector searched her vehicle and found what appeared to be a hand grenade inside her glove compartment," said Constable Shields.

"The border was shut down for the safety of the public. The RCMP's explosives disposal unit was called in and they safely removed the grenade and the border is now back open."

Constable Shields said the woman's husband apparently is a member of the U.S. military posted at the army base at Fort Lewis, Wash., just south of Olympia, Wash.

RCMP were determining if the grenade was a dummy or contained explosives but said it was likely live.

The woman, originally from Houston, Tex., was turned over to Canadian immigration authorities.

"It's quite likely this woman did not know that the grenade was inside her vehicle and she is apparently quite shaken up by the whole ordeal, so charges are quite unlikely," said Constable Shields.

"Likely the woman will be returned back to the U.S."

Traffic was stopped in both directions during the incident. The Peace Arch crossing is used mainly by tourists and other travellers, with up to eight million vehicles crossing annually.

Traffic was redirected east to the Pacific Highway crossing used mainly by commercial vehicles.


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Now if a Canadian was to cross the US border like that....I bet the Americans would not be so "understanding". <_<
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