why are we complaining?

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  1. saga

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  2. mokuska1984

    mokuska1984 Állandó Tag

    I always complain.
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  3. BSzajnik

    BSzajnik Állandó Tag

    In my opinion we complain because its a kind of "sickness". We can't understand that it's not us who rules the world. We just think we do that.
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  4. zsonglorman

    zsonglorman Állandó Tag

    Because it is in our geins!
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  5. Timiiiiii

    Timiiiiii Állandó Tag

    People complain because they are not content and they are egocentric... I think that's the problem.
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  6. beljas

    beljas Új tag

    People are social beings and they share everything, even complaints
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  7. juozasu

    juozasu Állandó Tag

    I am trying not to complain. I Noticed that pople like friends those who does not complain too much :)
  8. juozasu

    juozasu Állandó Tag

    But the topic is very useful.
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  9. redrum217

    redrum217 Állandó Tag

    I think we complain way too much... Sometimes I found myself complaining even if I don't really have anything to complain about only to fit the theme of the conversation I'm in, or to break an awkward silence. This is bad. I think we should sometimes forget all the bad stuff, because most of them aren't even worth to notice. Let's focuse on the good stuff and if we have something nice to say to somebody, we should say it. I think we leave a lot of nice things unsaid only because we're not used to saying such things...
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  10. panniparis

    panniparis Állandó Tag

    I guess it's much easier for the majority of people to moun and complain about things, situations, people, transport etc. than actually deal with the problem or the issue...complaining=no hassle; dealing with them = way to many hassles...:)
  11. baggins

    baggins Vendég

    In my opinion majority of people are ignore those people who do complain. I never complain or just only rarely. I would rather more people do envious me than one pity me . I keep my complain inside me. That's why people are think I am rush. I am always happy to things which I have and never complain for things which I don't have.
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  12. phoenyx

    phoenyx Állandó Tag

    It's the best to be thankfull for all of your life, your connections, etc. Complaining generates more situations & more wrong energies which you want to avoid in fact...
  13. panniparis

    panniparis Állandó Tag

    ...yesss, Phoenix, I do agree with you...it generates wrong "energy"...but, sadly people are ignorants and don't really care...they want their say to be heard and that's it, don't care about others :(
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  14. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    I guess complaining is a way of getting attention, makes the person feel like "somebody" of some importance. Some situations demand complaining, but most of the time it's just "whinning".
  15. phoenyx

    phoenyx Állandó Tag

    Do you know those, who are complaining even if they get money? They want much more...
  16. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    Never satified ! That is a huge problem with society in general. Many just put too many things on their backs, and it's always someone else's fault.
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  17. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    It's also possible that complaining (for some) has become a bad habit, just like smoking.
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  18. sHUNter

    sHUNter Tag

    Because we are Hungarian ;)
  19. phoenyx

    phoenyx Állandó Tag

    And it also gives the feeling of a kind of conversation for those, who like complaining! (Sorry, for my poor English, if I'm wrong..)
    It means, they won't agree with the responsability of what they did in their lifes.