Why do we have to speak English?

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    Why do we have to speak English?

    An officer in the U.S. Naval reserve was attending a conference that

    included admirals from both the U.S. Navy and the French Navy. At a

    cocktail reception, he found himself in a small group that included

    personnel from both navies


    The French admiral started complaining that whereas Europeans learned

    many languages, Americans learned only English. He then asked "Why is

    it that we have to speak English in these conferences rather than you

    speak French?"

    Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied, "Maybe it's because

    the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Americans arranged it so you would

    not have to speak in German."

    The group became silent.
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  2. goyo

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  3. mokuska1984

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    we should speak only spanish.
  4. BSzajnik

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    LOL Well, you don't have to... it's your choice.
  5. kinggil

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  6. willow_1843

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  7. dungdung23

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    we should speak only Magyarul :p
  8. Arpiprimas

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    Tienes razon!
  9. beljas

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    no offense, but it is the most dominant language, british royal navy was dominant for centuries
  10. mancikukac

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    The English is in vogue, but it will pass away in future.
  11. 1978leonkennedy

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    it has a strange taste the best language in the world
  12. agata_2000

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    due to all the collonialism...
  13. boicho

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    Someday all of us will have to speak Chinese ... They'll take over the world :)
  14. Hurkoa

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    Sure, or Indian :)
  15. Tibor55

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    Because english language is communicating people all over the world. That is my opinion.

    FLOUFUN Állandó Tag

    It's easy
  17. Anobes

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  18. ariedam

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    :D we have too, otherwise is a bit difficult to speak between countrys. I heard the french people doesnt like much to speak english :rolleyes: :--: dont know if is true...
  19. oliyboty

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    Is It easy??? :D In my opinion is it a difficult language, because I hate this language, but I must learn because this is very important...
  20. baggins

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    I like learn included learn languages. So many language so many people said my father when I was young. Now I am almost sixty and I can speak English, German, Slovak, and a little bit Japanish language. I get many benefit my language knowledge day by day.