Why do we have to speak English?

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  1. ariedam

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    True! in my opinion more language better benefits, is always important to know more and more about languages. I would like very much to speak french, and i am very sad to not know how to speak the french language, in fact I am learning it but is not so easy.
  2. alice_wonderland

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    Ha! I also trying to learn French, which is difficult with how they seems to speak with their nose (joke). Well, I find it fascinating.

    Ow I seems to got out of topic.
    See, hmm we speak english because it's what the dominant country like U.S.A or G.Britain spoke.
  3. Livike4

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    it's an international language
    it's spoken all over the world
  4. Raktajino

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    The greatest gift my parents ever gave me was the send me to english school. I was born from immigrants who landed in Quebec in the fifties. They could have sent me to french school, but decided that english was best. I also learned french from courses given at the english school. I speak three languages. English became the single most important language to appreciate movies, music, literature, etc.. etc. Let me give you an example, I could not imagine watching a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie dubbed in french and missing his heavy accent. Certainly i could have lived without english, but boy am i happy i speak it.
  5. Raktajino

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    One more thing, this may be the most important. The job opportunities because i'm bilingual french/english. Just french and i would have been limited, but with english, i could do just about anything i wanted, not only here but anywhere.

    Why do we have to speak English? The more you know, the better it is.
    You don't have to speak it, but if you do, the planet is yours.

    Why do we have to speak English? Sorry if i keep coming back to this question. Let's ask the question a different way.
    Why NOT speak English ?
    I live in Quebec. Seems like speaking english here offends some people.
    Désolé mais je ne comprends pas ! Looks like some are content with knowing less.
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  6. betonflex

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    speak only russia
  7. darkquail

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  8. HaroldKing

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    Sorry but I do not understand you: What is "lol"? What is so lol in your eyes?
  9. Torkos Béla

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    English is a must today. My father was wise and had the right perspective of the future when he suggested I should study English as a main subject in Hungary. This provides a living here, though you have to work hard. But still.
    Of course, the reason for English to have attained this role lies in tremendous colonisation. By today we have forgotten of the otherwise clever idea of the Chech Zamenhoff who created Esperanto.
    We have to accept reality, which may change, but it is unlikely. I hope not in the way that the Chinese or Indians take over the lead in the world and obtrude their languages (how many?) on everybody on the planet.

    English is beautiful, but Americans deteriorate it, they choose the simplest way to express their ideas, which leads to the simplification of the language. The language thus loses much of its beauty. I could give examples.
    English poetry is joy to read, but it will never touch the heart of a Hungarian like many poems of Arany, Tompa (about expats) etc.
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  10. Torkos Béla

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    I get lost among the forums, somebody was asking for a logical, understandable English grammar, which is compact and comprehensive. Very unmodestly I repeat my offer here for my grammar.

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    Although I have uploaded this grammar several times, if I search for it in the Search offer it can never be found. I do not know why. What should I write in the square space to find it?
  12. phoenyx

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    It is true, I checked it.
    I think, you choosed a very usual title for it.
    Excuse me please, for my poor English...
    But I have downloaded your Morzsák, and I hope so, it can make easier the English grammar for me.
    Thank you for your upload :)