why the English language is so hard to learn:

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  1. FagyisSzent

    FagyisSzent Állandó Tag

    Néhány tipp:
    - Halgass angol rádiót, hangos könyvet
    - Olvass angolul minél többet - eleinte könnyebb dolgokat, hogy ne frusztráld magad túl hamar
    - Keress angol beszélgető partnereket (vannak kulbok tudtommal szinte minden városban, ahová angolul beszélni kivánók jönnek össze)
  2. alice_wonderland

    alice_wonderland Állandó Tag

    I totally agree with audio book. I find it very helpful.

    My tips would be:
    try to participate a little with conversation either it's forum or blog. Could help with your writing.
    Try to speak with yourself with the language your trying to learn.
    Try to speak aloud some books or some words over and over again.
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  3. FagyisSzent

    FagyisSzent Állandó Tag

    Good ideas alice_wonderland.
    I would be just a bit careful with the "speak with yourself" part. People may think you are rather strange. ;)
    Lacika69 és gasparm kedveli ezt.
  4. igniculus

    igniculus Állandó Tag

    Well, after studying German for more thank 16 years, I don't find learning English hard at all. I have to admit that I've learnt most of it outside of school: reading in English, watching movies and series in English (often with English subtitles)...
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  5. FagyisSzent

    FagyisSzent Állandó Tag

    And after these two you'll find you can pick up Dutch in no time. :)
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  6. M. Dénes

    M. Dénes Állandó Tag

    Hello Everybody!

    I learn in English too.

    My tips for students:
    1. You looking for a good English teacher or English course. Learn alone is difficult.
    2. Read a lot in English! Easy stories at first.
    3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! (words, grammars) For example: interactive games on net, Scrabble, word-cards, everyday conversations.
    4. Watch a lot of movies in English! I began it with action movies.
    5. Listen to songs (with or without lyrics), conversations (stories with cd) in English!
    6. You write short sentences in English on forums.
    and the most important: You never give up!

    Bye, Dennis M.
    Szalmavirág és teditke kedveli ezt.
  7. juozasu

    juozasu Állandó Tag

    For me it helped a lot to communicate with English speaking people.

    Reading books is good way, but when You try to communicate with pople, it is hard to express.
  8. FagyisSzent

    FagyisSzent Állandó Tag

    All beginnings are hard, said the thief, and began by stealing an anvil. (Dutch proverb) :p
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  9. promover

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    Valaki tudna segíteni, hogy helyesek e a mondataim. Köszönöm előre is: I work as a kindergarten teacher in Budapest. I like my jobs work because I like children.

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  10. redrum217

    redrum217 Állandó Tag

    Learning languages is really a matter of using it in real life situations, experiencing it through movies, music or wathever. When it comes to learning new languages a lot of people think you must take some kind of a course with "trained" teachers, but I think teachers are overrated.
  11. redrum217

    redrum217 Állandó Tag

    So basically what I'm trying to say is that next time, when you're about to read the daily news, go to an English website and read the news in English! Little things like that can make you get used to the language!
  12. redrum217

    redrum217 Állandó Tag

    Using English in real life situations like that is a lot better than only using it on lessons!
  13. FagyisSzent

    FagyisSzent Állandó Tag

    Kedves promover!

    Mondataid java része nyelvtanilag helyes, bár van 1-2 kisebb hiba. Rengeteg bennük az én (I) szó, amelyet az angol sokkal ritkábban használ. Egy kicsit javított változata soraidnak:

    I work as a kindergarten teacher in Budapest. It is easy for me to like my job because I love children.
    I love walking in forests and meadows. A passion of mine is making tea and syrup from herbs I like such as thyme and lanceloar rip grass.

    Remélem, ez segít.
  14. promover

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    Nagyon sokat segítettél. Köszönöm szépen.

    FLAMINGO moderátor Fórumvezető Kormányos

    Ne csodálkozz, mi anno úgy tanultuk, hogy a korlátozott igeragozás miatt mindig használjunk személyes névmást. A "gone fishing" (elmentem horgászni - természetesen nem miattad irtam le a jelentését) tipusú kifejezéseket csak a magasabb fokozatban tárták elénk.:)
    FagyisSzent kedveli ezt.
  16. Godzi75

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    What does it exactly mean in Hungarian:
    "railway truck motor trolley"
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    Köszi. Vagy thank you, ha úgy jobban tetszik. :)
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    oops, I though you spoke English only and needed help with Hungarian :)