How students would change Hungarian secondary schools

I'm back , and i'm agree.

- use a computer
- build a house
- breed sheep
- play chess
- grow plants
- repair your washing-machine
- do origami
- etc.

These would be perfect in the form of a every day life class.You know in this lesson you would learn a lot of usefull little tricks for the future.


Állandó Tag
Állandó Tag
I'd trim down the useless or reduntant classes for starter.
Ban religious classes form the schools, those are not just harmful, but takes away the time chance to learn ethics, what is a violation of basic human rights (right to healthy and equal teaching).
Coordinate the three level of education.
Find a reason for the filler-classes, like: music, drawing and art, gym, history of phylosophy...
Force physics-teachers to explain the practical use of the lessons, the meaning behind the equations...
Foreign language classes need immediate reform, because they lack interactivity, creative solutions, methodology... Language is not a math-class!
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