Need a little help ;)

Darkman00 témája a 'In English...' fórumban , 2008 Március 21.

  1. Darkman00

    Darkman00 Állandó Tag

    Hi .. - sorry .. I don't speak Hungarian.. :(

    I just registered at the forum (last night)

    And wanted to download couple of songs from couple of threads at the forum..

    But forum is not letting me - it's telling me "Not authorized yet .. or not approved yet", etc..

    I didn't get any verification E-mails to verify me, etc..
    And nothing is happening so far to progress my situation...

    Can someone PLEASE approve me somehow!
    Mod or Admin, etc maybe...

    I would really appreciate it..
  2. Laci Buda

    Laci Buda Állandó Tag

    For newly registered members

    Hi Darkman!
    First of all, welcome to the CanadaHun site.
    Although this site is mainly for Hungarian speakers you are more than welcomed.
    The reason you can not download or view pictures/presentations yet is that you are not a permanent member yet. To require permanent membership status, you must fulfill two criteria first. The first, you have to be registered for more than 48 hours. Since you have registered yourself last night, you have to wait only one more day.
    The second criteria is to have at least 20 inputs (thoughts, uploads etc.). This rule was introduced to guide the members to be active in this community. Since this is a sharing, social community, it is preferred avoiding members who came only for a download or so.
    Please be advised, there is an English section on the Forum. You might want to add some jokes, literature, thoughts. This way you can fulfill the second criteria too, so starting tomorrow, you can download whatever you find interesting for you.
    Kind regards,
    Laci, the Turkish

    gyorgy99 kedveli ezt.
  3. Darkman00

    Darkman00 Állandó Tag

    Thanks for your help, Laci Buda!

    The information was very helpful to me! ;)
    Thanks again!
  4. magyar1964

    magyar1964 Állandó Tag

    Glad to find this info as I was wondering why I couldn't open any attachments and I could find anything about this in the FAQ's.
  5. gyorgy99

    gyorgy99 Állandó Tag

    Thank you Laci Buda, my Hungarian in poor and your post was helpful
  6. slige

    slige Állandó Tag

    thank you so much. very helpful for me
  7. wolverine5

    wolverine5 Állandó Tag

    Thank you for the information
  8. agata_2000

    agata_2000 Állandó Tag

    Thanks :) I just had the same problem with the forum.
  9. zechs

    zechs Új tag

    This information is helpful for me too~thanks~
  10. nikya84

    nikya84 Új tag

    I had the same problem! thank's!
  11. Caroluk

    Caroluk Állandó Tag

    Thank You !

    Thanks for this, I have also just registered and was wondering what to do next.
    I look forward to getting to know you all :)
  12. tizenkilenc

    tizenkilenc Állandó Tag

    Just a little question : those inputs... comments to threads also count?Because I'm dyeing to donwload The Producer's Hungarian version of the songs :).
  13. darkquail

    darkquail Új tag

    many thanks for the information ^^