which is your favorite 80's movie?

legalien témája a 'In English...' fórumban , 2007 December 5.

  1. sata150

    sata150 Állandó Tag

    Alien saga.
  2. romesz

    romesz Állandó Tag

    must be very famous he's name is "hungarian guy"
  3. romesz

    romesz Állandó Tag

    Alien (1979)
    Aliens (1986) this is the only one fits the criteria
    Alien³ (1992)
    Alien Resurrection (1997)
  4. phoenyx

    phoenyx Állandó Tag

    Flashdance (1983)
  5. nagysuhi

    nagysuhi Állandó Tag

    Top Gun
    Final Countdown
    And movies of Ötvös Csöpi
  6. nyafkaliza

    nyafkaliza Állandó Tag

    Dirty dancing
  7. Rickytikitavvi

    Rickytikitavvi Állandó Tag

    this is hard...

    ...cause all the best movies were made in the eighties... Let's think... Rambo..., nope, I'll look stupid... Blade Runner? anybody likes Blade Runner, so let's think again...
    Heureka: you will find the quintessence of the era in the "Red Dawn". Thats the eighties, definitely. Sometimes I wonder whether it could turn to be actual again...
    BTW I enjoyed "Highlander" a lot...
  8. ineronos

    ineronos Állandó Tag

    One vote for Aliens, and another one for the Terminator.
  9. amberleaf

    amberleaf Állandó Tag

    Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro of course...
  10. gyorgy99

    gyorgy99 Állandó Tag

    Empire Strikes Back
  11. seedcold

    seedcold Állandó Tag

    It has to be Back To The Future Part 1. No doubt about it...:cool:
  12. Arianwen

    Arianwen Állandó Tag

    HIGHLANDER (1986) - with Christopher Lambert


  13. Siempre

    Siempre Állandó Tag

    There's no doubt about that: Dirty Dancing! :)
  14. Dragonka7

    Dragonka7 Állandó Tag

    Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

  15. Ridita

    Ridita Állandó Tag

    Return to Eden (Australian mini-series)
  16. mgdth7

    mgdth7 Állandó Tag

    Back to the Future
  17. appaloosa

    appaloosa Állandó Tag

    Return of the Jedi, Back to the Future and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were my favorites. I also enjoyed The Karate Kid and Home Alone.
  18. slige

    slige Állandó Tag

    mine are breakfast club, flashdance and dirty dancing
  19. wolverine5

    wolverine5 Állandó Tag

    Raiders of the lost ark, back to the future, and terminator
  20. Kingus25

    Kingus25 Állandó Tag