which is your favorite 80's movie?

legalien témája a 'In English...' fórumban , 2007 December 5.

  1. willow_1843

    willow_1843 Új tag

    Highlander, Adventures in Babysitting, and Pretty in Pink
  2. willow_1843

    willow_1843 Új tag

    Goonies was great too
  3. dungdung23

    dungdung23 Állandó Tag

    My favorite is Dirty Dancing
    tammancs kedveli ezt.
  4. Lestat1111

    Lestat1111 Állandó Tag

    Footlose, Top Gun, Ghostbusters
    tammancs kedveli ezt.
  5. beljas

    beljas Új tag

    back to the future and goonies!
  6. agata_2000

    agata_2000 Állandó Tag

    top gun, dirty dancing :)
  7. lilyindil

    lilyindil Új tag

    Terminator , of course!!!
  8. Arnyek2011

    Arnyek2011 Állandó Tag

    Body Heat 1981 - yammi
  9. Arnyek2011

    Arnyek2011 Állandó Tag

    The Jewel of the Nile 1985
    Romancing The Stone 1984
  10. zechs

    zechs Új tag

    Star war~~
  11. Mcmoki

    Mcmoki Új tag

    Back to the future, of course. What else? :D
  12. boicho

    boicho Állandó Tag

    The Untouchables
  13. Ridita

    Ridita Állandó Tag

    Brenda Starr
  14. Decebal88

    Decebal88 Új tag

    Once upon a Time in America 1994
  15. Juci102

    Juci102 Állandó Tag

    Dirty Dancing
  16. Tibor55

    Tibor55 Új tag

    Terminator 1, Back To The Future.
  17. Noodlesticks

    Noodlesticks Új tag

    I'll have to agree. :)

    FLOUFUN Állandó Tag

  19. gefster

    gefster Állandó Tag

    Has to be The Empire Strikes Back followed closely by Highlander
  20. icognito

    icognito Új tag

    Footloose (1984), Highlander (1986), Indiana Jones (1984 & 1989), An Officer and a Gentleman (1982), Police Academy (All), Star Wars
    (all), A Room with a View (1986) There is bunch more, Hollywood used to be more creative =)