which is your favorite 80's movie?

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  1. ariedam

    ariedam Állandó Tag

    [FONT=verdana,arial,sans-serif][/FONT] also E.T. from 1982 Steven Spielberg, but I liked Indiana Jones the most, it was great, at the time I had 14/15 years, good times.

  2. alice_wonderland

    alice_wonderland Állandó Tag

    Me too!!!...But somehow for Indiana Jones after you watch it again, I have different opinion afterwards.:eek:
  3. igniculus

    igniculus Állandó Tag

    I think Star Wars, closely followed by Indiana Jones - Raiders of the lost ark. :) But it's so hard to decide, so many of the movies in the '80-ies were somehow special. <3
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  4. arnoldka14

    arnoldka14 Állandó Tag

    spider man 1,2,3,4,
  5. juozasu

    juozasu Állandó Tag

    For me I think it is Police Academy (1,2,3).
  6. panniparis

    panniparis Állandó Tag

    Sooo, sooo many great movies were made in the 80's, but one of my favourites undoubtably is the title : "When a man loves a woman" - Andy Garcia & Meg Ryan...a romantic movie, but very powerful acts by both actors...ohhhhh, and the child star, she was just incredible for her tender age...sadly don't remember her name... (y) (y) (y)
  7. Sarkanyolo

    Sarkanyolo Állandó Tag

    I don't think that these movies are from 80's
  8. arnoldka14

    arnoldka14 Állandó Tag

    [You are right. I wrote wrong. Sorry. My favourite 80's movie is The Terminator 1 with my best actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  9. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    My favorite 80's movie has got to be "Raging Bull", followed by "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" and "The Shining"
  10. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    Oh yes, i forgot about "The Empire Strikes Back"
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  11. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    Wait there are more (seems impossible to pick just one movie from the 80's)....
    The 1st Terminator, the 1st Robocop, the 1st Batman (with Jack Nicholson), the 1st Back To The Future, the best James Bond of the 80's "A View To A Kill".....so many movies, all classics now !
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  12. Raktajino

    Raktajino Állandó Tag

    Last one, a masterpiece from 1984 "Rhinestone" with Sylverster Stallone & Dolly Parton.

    You know i'm just joking, you know i am, no really
  13. Ridita

    Ridita Állandó Tag

    Wow, is that a real movie?
  14. darkquail

    darkquail Új tag

    Ghost Busters :p
  15. kisskun

    kisskun Állandó Tag

    I vote for Aliens (1986), Predator (1987), Runaway (1984)
  16. kisskun

    kisskun Állandó Tag

    ...and Lifeforce (1985)
    I like sci-fi movies
  17. Németh Lázó

    Németh Lázó Állandó Tag

    8. utas a halál!
  18. Tskmrkt

    Tskmrkt Állandó Tag

    Gud Dude.