why the English language is so hard to learn:

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  1. FagyisSzent

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    Hi gasparm, just keep trying, you'll find the right learning and practicing partners. Besides, a little flirting here and there is not all that horrible a thing... :cool2:
  2. gasparm

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    Not for me but my friend is very jealous!
  3. panniparis

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    I think English is one of the easiest languages to learn up to a certain level, which is pretty low...my guess would be First Certificate. Then it becomes as complicated as any other rich language. And yessss, English certainly is! one of richest languages.
    That's the reason why you can easily detect who is a well educated and well spoken person, because their vocabulary is very wide. It did happen to me so many times when I tried to speak to an English with a working class upbringing, that I, as a foreigner, had to down-grade!
  4. Raktajino

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    This is no secret, but foreigners/immigrants tend to stick with people who speak their own language, and this is understandable. Yes it's nice to be understood and communicate in your own language and are comfortable with your own. At some point there has to be a change of environment so that another language can be learned. That is the first step "change of environment".
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  5. urbán kati

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    Én a kindle olvasómra szeretnék tölteni angol leckéket, hogy kényelmesen fekve tudjak tanulni, nem bírom a számítógép előtti görnyedést még este is
  6. FagyisSzent

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    True, English is easy to learn up to the level of simple communication (konyhanyelv). A lot of people stop there. Should they find the drive in themselves to continue, they could develop the same level of sophistication in their expressions as those rich brats. Problem is, most of them don't continue and get stuck. An area where it becomes difficult to match the locals is accent. If English is not one's first language, and one has not started studying it in one's early years, accent is pretty much guaranteed to expose foreign origin. Again, with practice, intentional focus on how words are pronounced, how expressions and sentences are accentuated, anyone could become a Eliza Doolittle.
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